Church dedication in Veresegyház

In the recent past, whoever got about on the main street of Veresegyház, could sight a beautiful church emerging from the ground. Everyone can already see the marvelous outside of the new Holy Spirit Church, yet we are happily awaiting for it’s dedication, because from that on we can praise the Lord and be thankful for all our gifts. We already received many presents and mercy during our preparations.


On the Saturday before Pentecost comes the day, we were all waiting for.  We happily experienced the coherentness of our community besides the approaching to one another. We are joyfully thankful for the grand help of our local government and also for our Lutheran and Calvinist brothers for their collected donations and prayers and whoever supported us financially, or with their work, service or in any way.


Specials thanks to our Calvinist brothers, for letting us have our Sunday morning masses in their church. Certainly we owe our biggest gratitude to God, so we especially want to express this along the dedication. We want our new Catholic Church to be opened for the whole city.

Pentecost’s miracle is about uniting all the different languages by the overflowing of the Holy Spirit, therefore we commit our church to the Holy Spirit, who is the spirit of unity and community. We also forward our request of our love and unity to grow in our city.

Many of us are awaiting and we gladly welcome everyone who wants to take part in this delighted and uplifting celebration.

Zsolt Molnár priest


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The Roman Catholic Congregation and the local government of Veresegyház happily invite you
for the dedication of the newly built Holy Spirit Church, which takes place in


93. Fő street, Veresegyház


on Saturday, the 14th of May 2016.


Considering the high number of invited guests and the limited holding capacity of the building, our guests will also be able to watch the ceremony on a projected screen on the new Holy Spirit square, behind the church. Only the guests with „Visitor” cards allowed to  enter the church.

After the mass, everyone can freely enter between 1:30-4:00 pm. Thank you for your understanding.

A warm welcome from:

Zsolt Molnár priest
Béla Pásztor mayor